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Comentários do aluno Felipe Santos sobre o curso preparatório para SAT e TOEFL



Name: Felipe Santos City: Valinhos, SP.
Age: 18
TOEFL score: 88
SAT score: 540 (Critical Reading) 540 (Writing) Total: 1080. 
UNIVERSITY: Not defined yet
SPORT: Tennis

1. What did you like the most about the TOEFL/SAT preparatory course at Havad?

There is aways something new to learn.This makes the course interesting.

2. What is the most challenging point in each of the tests and how did you manage to excel these difficulties?

On the TOEFL, the most difficult part is the speaking, and to go better I had to think what I was going to answer and stay very confident about it. On the SAT the most difficult part is the critical reading, particularly the texts, I had to read the texts and the questions very carefully.

3. What do you think about the teacher's experience and methodology?

Very good. It made all the classes become interesting and also made me improve myself on the subjects I was not very good at.

4. What is something about this course you´ll take with you?

The most important thing I learned on this course is that we always have something new to learn and that reading helps us to learn and makes us to improve ourselves.

 5. What is your advice for students who are preparing for these exams?

My advice is that they need to be very interested in what they are looking for, because at the beginning it can sound to be hard, but then you will see that the hard work compensates.

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