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Mais uma entrevista de uma aluna que se preparou para o SAT na HAVAD



Name: Julia Colombo
Age: 17
TOEFL score: 94
SAT score: 1130
UNIVERSITY: New Jersey Institute of Technology
SPORT: Volleyball

1. What did you like the most about the TOEFL/SAT preparatory course at Havad?

    The course was very good! I think that the mainly difference between this course and the other ones is that this is totally directed to SAT and TOEFL. I had specific classes with exercises that appear only on these exams so that in the day of the test I was calm because I already knew everything about both, including structure, level of difficulty, kind of questions...  

2. What is the most challenging point in each of the tests and how did you manage to excel these difficulties?

     TOEFL - In my opinion the most problematic part of this exam is the speaking. You do not have time to think about what you will answer to the question and you have to do it clearly and succinctly. But after some classes of training you start to understand how to deal with the question, and it gets easier.
    SAT - It was certainly the most difficult (at least for me)! The exam demands an enormous quantity of complex vocabulary, grammar rules very specifics and a comprehension of difficult texts (beyond the math part)! In the begging I thought it would be impossible, but after some time of practice things went easier. I tried to do the more exercises I could and to memorize most of the new words I found.

3. What do you think about the teacher's experience and methodology?

    Andrea is amazing! She helped me a lot in everything and her knowledge about both tests is essential for a good result. She presented us many strategies for an easier learning, for example: flashcards - little cards with new vocabulary that are very good to memorizing; short-stories - the same as "contos" in portuguese, we read many of them to improve our reading ability; mini presentations - in some classes we had to do a presentation about a current event that helped us in the speaking part and reading too.          

4. What's the importance of the extra pedagogical resources (Conversation Club, Marathon, Lab practice) in your successful result in the exams?

    The Lab practice was very important for both tests, but mainly for the TOEFL because its exercises must be done in the computer with specials CDs that Havad has. Conversation Club was also great to improve the speaking part just as the SAT marathons that helped with vocabulary too.
    Generalizing, I think that every extra thing that comes for helping is good, and makes easier the whole process.  

5. What is something about this course you´ll take with you?

    I am sure that the ability to read more complex texts will be very important at University, which has an academic vocabulary of difficult comprehension. Also, my speaking is much better now, and of course that this will be essential for my firsts months in the USA.

6. What is your advice for students who are preparing for these exams?

    My advice here is do not give up!!! In the begging all of this will seem impossible, but I say that if you study hard and do everything the teacher asks, you will achieve the score needed. It is important to read a lot, because it will help you a lot!


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