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Entrevista com aluno SAT da HAVAD



Confira entrevista com Danilo Kelen, aluno de SAT e TOEFL Havad.

Name: Danilo Ribeiro Kelen
Age: 19
TOEFL score: 82
SAT score: 1,140
UNIVERSITY: Cypress College / CA
SPORT: Tennis

1. What did you like the most about the TOEFL/SAT preparatory course at Havad?

    I most liked the preparation for the speaking and listening sections of TOEFL, because the lessons became more dynamic and my fluency improved a lot.
    And in the SAT I most liked reading the short histories. Some of them are very funny, easy and quick to read.

2. What is the most challenging point in each of the tests and how did you manage to excel these difficulties?

    In TOEFL, the speaking section is the most challenging point, because we generally do not practice too much our speaking skills. I prepared myself by speaking a lot with my teachers and doing ‘thousands’ of mock tests.
    In SAT the short time to do the excercises, mainly in the reading and writing sections, is certainly the most challenging point to every student from every level. I manage it by reading a lot and doing first those kinds of exercises that I do better.  
    An other difficult point in the SAT is the hard and crazy vocabulary. Most of them I have never heard in my life and just appear in SAT passages! It is important to study only those words that most appear in the simulated tests and not all the words that you do not know. It is IMPOSSIBLE and a waste of time tryind to remember all the words!

3. What do you think about the teacher’s experience and methodology?

    I think that my teacher’s experience and methodology helped me a lot in the exams. She gave me a lot of useful tips that did the exams easier and faster to do.  

4. What’s the importance of the extra pedagogical resources (Conversation Club, Marathon, Lab practice) in your successful result in the exams?

    The extra resources, mainly the Lab practice for the TOEFL, were essential for my success in the exams. First of all, the Lab practice after every lesson forced me to study and the simulated tests of the CDs are the same as those of the real exam, so you know exactly how would be the TOEFL test. Moreover the Conversation Club with native speakers is also very important for the listening and speaking sections in the TOEFL.
    And the “SAT Marathon” approach us to the most important topics that generally appear in the SAT passages. It helps us to understand better the passages and to guess if we are not sure of our answer, because we can remember the topics discussed in the presentations.

5. What is something about this course you´ll take with you?

    I will take with me the lesson that we are always able to improve and to overcome obstacles in life.

6. What is your advice for students who are preparing for these exams?

    There are many pieces of advice I could give to students who are preparing for theses exams, but the two most important are: study hard and believe yourself!

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